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Limbo into the future

It’s been a while since we last posted, just as we were leaving our hibernation cave to go back to “civilisation”. I think the fact that we couldn’t quite summon up the enthusiasm to nail a post together says quite … Continue reading

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Kickstarting the Silk Road

We’ve been following Brad and Sheena’s blog for a little while now. They’re travelling and blogging from the same type of ’80s VW as ours, but their trip is a notch or three above ours in ambition. Since leaving their … Continue reading

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Deep and crisp and even

Once we’d settled into the cottage, we thought it rude not to take advantage of an almost unknown period of geographical stasis, so signed up for a series of part-time courses at the local college. After a bit of back-and-forth … Continue reading

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At Christmas time

Happy Christmas, one and all! Whether this Christmas sees you at home or on your travels somewhere, with or without your loved ones around you, we hope it’s all you could possibly wish for. 2013 is just around the corner, … Continue reading

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Wintering in a walking wonderland

The first month and a bit back in the UK seems to have passed rapidly, without much of note actually occurring. The Scottish wedding was followed by a weekend in a damp Warwickshire pub carpark, catching up with our 2cv … Continue reading

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Move the scenery instead…

Whilst we’re back (however temporarily) in sunny Blighty, it seems like a good idea to set the site’s header pic to a random rotation through all the old images we’ve used whilst on the trip. If you’re wondering where any … Continue reading

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Full circle

On arrival at Harwich, the slowly retreating night revealed a very cold, damp and misty morning. The roads contained far heavier traffic than we’d seen for ages, and everybody seemed to be in a hurry. We had a plan and … Continue reading

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Final steps

After (finally) leaving České Budějovice, we had no real alternative but a full-fat hack up through Germany. The route out of Czech took us past a stretch of the Vltava river, dammed by a hydroelectric plant, and thick with campsites… … Continue reading

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Spannering in the rain

Wandering around Český Krumlov, I couldn’t help but cogitate over the noises from the van’s engine bay. Checking them out isn’t as easy as it could be – the price to pay for the huge benefits in interior-space-vs-exterior-length that our … Continue reading

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A pilgrimage to nowhere

Ever since we first came across them, years ago, we’ve both had a serious hankering for a Tatra. One of the oldest car manufacturers in the world, having built their first car in the late 19th century, this Czech company … Continue reading

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