At Christmas time

Happy Christmas, one and all!

tealit_baggerWhether this Christmas sees you at home or on your travels somewhere, with or without your loved ones around you, we hope it’s all you could possibly wish for.

2013 is just around the corner, and our plans for the next step of our lives get a little bit closer. External factors will, as ever, dictate how the year pans out – but one thing’s for sure, we hope it’ll finish differently to the start! It’s been a wonderful couple of years, and the adventure promises to continue!

But first – time to kick back, feet up, and enjoy ourselves with two good friends staying with us in the cottage.


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2 Responses to At Christmas time

  1. JanetD says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you both. I hope next year is as magical and exciting as the last has been. Love your window dressing!

  2. William Cameron says:

    I hope you and Ellie are having a Happy Christmas and may the New Year continue to bring you (and us) enjoyment in your travels. We spent yesterday at Maria’s and she sends her very best to you also
    Have fun

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