Kickstarting the Silk Road

We’ve been following Brad and Sheena’s blog for a little while now. They’re travelling and blogging from the same type of ’80s VW as ours, but their trip is a notch or three above ours in ambition.

Since leaving their home in Arizona in January 2012, they’ve been heading through Central and South America, before loading Nacho – their van – into a container for Malaysia. They’re now sat in SE Asia, looking at a map and wondering how on earth they can head west… Whilst we’ve met several people who’ve done similar routes, they’ve not had American passports – and in these politically interesting parts of the world, that makes a big difference.

So Brad and Sheena have come up with a potential route – follow the Silk Road, over the Himalayas, Tibet/China/the Stans. Wow. No real political issues, just a minor financial difficulty – Chinese visas are likely to hit them for nearly $20,000… Yeowch. But. There’s hope. They’ve started a Kickstarter fund-raiser, looking for promises of money in return for a promise of the book-of-the-trip once they’re through. We’ve just donated. Perhaps you might like to, too…?

Even if you don’t donate, their blog’s a cracking read.


The Kickstarter fundraiser didn’t work out for Brad, Sheena and Nacho – they got half way to their target, though. Time for them to rethink their plans and route… Watch that space! We’ll be following on with them, that’s for sure.

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1 Response to Kickstarting the Silk Road

  1. Brad says:

    Thanks for the plug! You guys are awesome. 12 hours down, and things are looking up…

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