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Whether this blog’s inspired you to travel, you’re already travelling, or if you just want to say “Hello”. Even if it’s something or somewhere that you think we’ve been unfair to or missed out or you disagree with something we’ve said for whatever reason – please, tell us. If you love the sound of somewhere we’ve been, and want to know more – or if you want to know which places to avoid, ask! If you’ve already been somewhere we might be heading towards, and have some suggestions for us – tell us!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an old friend of ours, if we’ve met you on the road briefly, or if you’ve just found the blog for the first time.

The best way of all is to bump into us in a campsite, and share a glass of wine with us. But that’s not always practicable, so there’s a couple of other ways…

If it’s something you want to share with the world, relating to a specific post, then just submit a comment to that post – everything you need’s at the bottom of each post.

If it’s something you want to say to us directly, then just fill in the contact form below.

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