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With spanner firmly in hand

One of the biggest risks of doing a trip like this is the van playing up. Choosing to do it in a vehicle that’s near-nuff a quarter of a century old was never going to minimise that risk. As the … Continue reading

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Swings and Roundabouts (part 2)

The laptop’s back! One week for the shipping materials to get from Dell to us, one week for the laptop to get to Dell in Germany. Then a couple of days for them to rebuild it with a new motherboard … Continue reading

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Camping cats

This is a post for all you cat lovers. If you don’t like cats, you won’t like this, but please be patient and wait for further non-cat posts. We rarely closely encountered cats in France, Spain and Portugal and being … Continue reading

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Life in San Vito

We have been in San Vito lo Capo for four weeks now and now it’s Christmas Eve. It’s hard to believe it’s Christmas and we’re still on the road. The weather has been mixed with some high winds, the most … Continue reading

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Welcome to San Vito lo Capo

Ever since the snow in Abruzzo, we’ve been aware of the approach of winter. Few campsites are open, and the days are short enough that there’s a real restriction on what we’ve been able to do. As a result, we’ve … Continue reading

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Just east of Palermo lies Cefalu – a city grown up around a cathedral, nestled snugly into the tiniest of corners of flat(ish) land between a monumental rock and the sea. The town is a maze of tiny back streets, … Continue reading

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Swings and Roundabouts

There are days when nothing goes right, and there are days when everything goes right. Saturday was the former, today seems to be the latter so far. (Well, apart from this morning’s little incident when Ellie and her bicycle were … Continue reading

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