Six months on…

Today, 19th November, marks six months since we walked out of our house and drove to Dover.

A lot’s happened in that time. We’ve been to a lot of places.

We’ve covered about 20,000km (difficult to be sure, because of the speedo cable dying for a while).

The van’s had a little lie-down under us, quickly fixed – and one which dragged on and on.

We’ve slept at 103 locations (if you count two back in the UK for a wedding in July, the hotel in Brive when the van was hors-de-combat, and two friends’ houses). Apart from six nights in the UK, three in the hotel, ten at John’s and five at Paul’s, every single night of those six months has required us to unfold the bed at night and fold it away again in the morning. Apart from the nights we’ve stopped somewhere free, we’ve paid as much as €33 and as little as €6 for a night’s pitch. We’ve also been asked €6 just for electricity for a night…

We’ve had a lot of fun.

We’ve climbed the highest sand dune in Europe, and driven the highest road. We’ve seen art from prehistoric to contemporary . We’ve been melting in near-on 40degrees, and we’ve been snowed on. Hard.

We’ve eaten a lot of good stuff. Of course. And drunk plenty of good stuff, too. Of course.

And a lot more besides. We’re still here. Wherever the road’s gone. It’s going to go to a lot more places yet.

Only two things are for certain. We don’t regret a minute of it – even the “challenging” or really disappointing ones – and we still don’t know what we want to do and where we want to settle next…

(By the way – no, the van still hasn’t got a name…)

Us at Easter, before we left…

One man, one woman, one campervan, enjoying a bottle of bubbly in the sunshine...

And us this morning…

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5 Responses to Six months on…

  1. Mum & Red says:

    Happy half-anniversary of your travels – Weather here misty in the mornings with a touch of ground frost but then lovely sunny days -approx 15-17 but then cooling to about 8 around 4-5pm.

    Got all the bulbs in the front border today ready for the Spring. all week been clearing leaves, even managed a front lawn cut on Thursday so look all spic and span again for a few days until the rest of the leaves come off the willow tree!

    can’t match your range of weather though -BUT last year the first snow here was Nov 30th so watch out .

    Love Mum & Red

  2. John Stenhouse says:

    Well done for the first half year, still a great read and wonderful pictures, when I click on the e mail link it’s with a great smile to see what you have been up to, keep going, you aren’t missing a lot here. Rubbish weather, rubbish economy, rubbish prospects! Enjoy yourselves.

  3. Simon Joiner says:

    Happy demi doo-dah to A, E & CJ! Loving the updates! Keep going and keep ’em coming!

  4. Angela Hockley says:

    I thought you had christened the van ‘Clunky’… or would that be tempting fate now ?!?!?!?
    Congrats on a fantastic voyage, a wonderful blog and the ultimate in ‘living the dream’ life-style. May it long continue…
    Big hugs, Axxx

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