Red sandals

Once there was carefree laughter
red sandals worn on a summer day
your hopes and dreams for the future in your heart
Your daughter by your side

You carefully painted your names on your suitcases
and packed your best things
laughter lines over printed with fear and anguish
herded into the train for an endless journey of perpetual night
no sleep through the tormented groans, the stench, the thirst

Out onto a platform, exhausted crowds pushing and shoving to avoid the blows, the dogs

A selection – work or death

You hurry your daughter onwards.
A shower would be welcome after the endless journey
hang your clothes on the hook as directed, so you can find them again

You choke, you suffocate
your hopes and dreams for the future turned to ashes
Your daughter in your arms.

Nearly seventy years later your red sandals still shine out
from the piles of shoes brown with age.

Ellie Garraway
10 October 2012

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3 Responses to Red sandals

  1. Kate from Cheshire says:

    Thank you Ellie for such a powerfully simple poem which captures the personal heartbreak behind what was one of the most horrific chapters in the human history.

  2. Ellie, that is so moving…thank you

  3. Jo spyropoulos says:

    Just read your beautiful poem. red sandals. Arresting and immediate. Thank you for the thoughtEllie. See you on Friday. Let us know your timing,when you know.. Much love Jo.

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