A colourboration

I’m thrilled to announce a collaboration with Lynne, or DoveGreyReader, a well known and highly respected book blogger. If you are interested in a wide range of reading – both fiction and non-fiction of all sorts, you mustn’t miss a trip over to her site. She’s a prolific reader, and writes about a lot more besides. We met at a literary conference quite a few years ago now – I knew her before she was famous – and I’m delighted that she is following us on our travels, taking one of the many vicarious seats in the van. One of those not occupied by all the people we’ve met along the way who were so lovely we wanted to take them with us, from tourist board ladies in Portugal to Albanian campsite owners’ grandmothers, quite a few Italians and Tunisians, and a whole Macedonian family. Not to mention quite a few camping cats, and not least the family, friends and people we haven’t met (yet) who are following in our wake.

Lynne mentioned to me that she liked noticing patterns in the world around so I sent her a few images from our vast store of trip photos. She has made them into great collages and this seeded the idea of our colourboration. We each take pictures in our separate worlds at around the same time with a colour in mind, create and post a collage of these. We will be starting with the colour red in a week or so’s time. We may also look at patterns again now and then. In the meantime you can see Lynne’s collages of my photos over on her blog site and find out more.

I have always loved taking pictures of patterns and textures, reflections and shadows, the finer details, things you may not notice at first. This kind of project leads one to look at things differently and I am looking forward to sharing this with Lynne and with all our followers. To whet your imagination further, here’s a small taster of light on water patterns from our recent Komani ferry trip.

A huge and overdue welcome to new passengers joining us from DoveGrey, please make yourselves comfortable, and enjoy the ride.

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6 Responses to A colourboration

  1. Kate from Cheshire says:

    I love patterns and colours so I am interested in this collaboration – and from reading about it on dgr’s site I have started following your trip. I wish your comments feature was more like dgrs. So we could see everyone’s comments, as they are usually very interesting and add something to the blog and you don’t have to go onto a link and another page to add your comment. I’m not sure if you can adjust your site to allow something similar but I’m sure you would get more comments if you did. Best wishes for the continuation of your journey. love Kate

  2. JanetD says:

    I too found your blog via Lynne’s dgr and you are right that she is a wonderful blogger. Your blog allows me to travel along without the usual stresses of a journey and yet not miss a thing. Now I have two wonderful blogs to enjoy. What could be better in this dull spring we are having in England. Look forward to more colourborations.

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