And breathe…

After the disappointments of the North, and the excesses of Santiago, we promised ourselves a few days relaxing on the coast, doing not very much. We’d found a likely-looking site in the camping guide, near Pontevedra, heading towards the Portuguese border. Even better, it was in the ACSI off-season discount scheme, so cheap compared to the relatively high prices of many Spanish sites.

Then we arrived. Yes, we knew the location was going to be a bit more heavily-touristy than we usually like, but we weren’t quite expecting such a long sprawl of hotel-hotel-hotel-campsite-hotel-hotel-development-hotel-campsite. Naive? P’raps. Then we got into the site itself. Unprepossessing. Packed. Builders angle-grinding stone tiles for the new cabins right next to about the only empty pitch.

Still, we were here. But one night only. The sun was out. The laundry was piling up – so whilst I went off to hunter-gather by bike (yep, we’d forgotten to stop at a supermarket in the van), Ellie hit the washing machines. The terrain was considerably less than flat, and the nearest supermarket turned out to be about 5km away. <sigh> Relaxing? Was that the plan?

So – on again. Another hop towards the border. And here we are. We’ve found the relaxing site that we wanted, near to Baiona. We’ve done very little since we got here – a bit of light cycling around some flat bike lanes between a couple of pleasant and understated towns, a walk along the beach, a little light blogging. Exactly what we needed. Wild horses couldn’t drag us away…

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