A passion for France…

As we sit back, on a farm just north of Mayenne, at the start of our third night away, the stresses of packing and sorting the house are starting to fade.

The word “chilled” could almost start to be used again.

Goat's Cheese farm, found through France Passion, near Auxi-le-Chateau

This is our second resting place found through the “France Passion” scheme, a guide book containing 1600 farms, growers and producers, who invite motorhomes and campervans to stay on their land, in exchange for nothing more than a greeting and the opportunity to sell their produce. There’s no obligation to buy, but the goat’s cheese and apple juice the other morning were delicious, and if you think we could sit on a farm producing Cider and not succumb, you don’t know us at all well…

We’re initially heading for the south-west of Brittany, to see a 2cv mate – Jono – who’s working on a camp-site for the summer. After that, towards the south-west and Spain. Probably.

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3 Responses to A passion for France…

  1. johno says:

    Looks like you are well & truly on the way now then Adrian and Ellie.
    Well done to you both.
    Im following your journey with much interest & have to admit to being a tad jealous!
    The word “chilled” is one Im looking forward to exploring myself, hope you have an absolute blast, good luck, sure you wont need it though.

    Take care.

  2. Nada and Mick O'Meara says:

    Living the dream, making the memories, have a wonderful adventure.

  3. Kev says:

    Totally jealous! I hope to live a somewhat similar dream when the kids all grow up!

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