Packing the house up … part three

Yes, we’re still here, still sorting and packing …

My advice to anyone reading this is… avoiding accumulating… anything. The packing and sorting has been challenging on so many levels!

In the meantime, since our last post we enjoyed our local bluebells and spent Easter week socialising with our 2cv friends in the fens and raffling off assorted 2cv related items in aid of our favourite MS charity and eating fish and chips on the beach at Skegness. We had lovely visits to family in Norfolk and St Alban’s, enjoying the continuing fine weather immensely. We’ve also been to a Royal Wedding street party and enjoyed various send offs locally and our bemused friends are wondering when we are going and if we are going …  We definitely are going … it’s all taking longer than expected and we are a couple of weeks behind where we wanted to be … Spain!  Although the lovely weather here has not exactly helped hurry us out of the country.

One man, one woman, one campervan, enjoying a bottle of bubbly in the sunshine...

Today has seen Adrian knee deep in sweat and oil servicing the van, and giving the cooling system a good precautionary going-over… a job we knew needed doing but somehow it has been slow in being gotten around to …  Meanwhile I continue to delve in emotional depths of belongings – sorting family related stuff and monumental amounts of accumulated junk. I’ve got rid of yet more bin bags full but this bit has been harder even than getting rid of all those books.

Now it’s about knuckling down and figuring exactly what will fit in the van … and whether the remaining stuff will fit in the storage unit. Keep watching …

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3 Responses to Packing the house up … part three

  1. Nick and Jo Spyropoulos says:

    Lovely pic, Ellie and Adrian! You seem to be getting closer the the launchpad–
    Wish we could be there, enjoying the Bubbly instead of flogging this house! It was great to have you here and to catch a glimpse of your fantastic van.
    Happy Landings to wherever the road goes, to both of you,
    Nick and Jo.

  2. Kev says:

    Come on you two, get on your way! I popped on to find out where you are, I have to admit to feeling slightly disappointed 😉

    • AdrianC says:

      We are trying, honest! The van servicing is dragging on a bit – I’m currently waiting for a second delivery of parts – and we’re still fannying about with several tons of house-filling gumf. How did we manage to accumulate so much tat rubbish junk stuff?

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