Packing the house up … part two

We’ve been continuing to frantically pack since our last post… So far we’ve packed up and off 21 boxes of books to two Oxfam bookshops. Some of it quite painful, but with way more than 30 boxes of books already to storage that is more than most people ever have …
We’ve also earmarked two huge boxes of reading matter we want to take with us … but I think with our limited space we will be prioritising guide books, road atlases and language learning books. Novels will be further down the list, even if they fall into the ‘read and throw’ category. We’re far from being like our friends Dave and Anne-Marie who got rid of almost everything for their adventure … but then they have onward plans to live in a small space and it was great to see them and their lovely newly purchased narrow boat a week or so ago.

We’re planning on heading for Spain first and are looking to leave really quite soon now … we can’t believe it’s all happening. In the meantime, there is still so much to sort out. I certainly plan never to accumulate in the same way again … all this is quite cathartic. With a minimalist tidy house we might be tempted to stay on!

We’re also busy catching up with as many friends and family as we can, showing the van off and testing it out, and taking time out from dusty boxes to view wonderful bluebells and enjoy this fabulous weather.

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4 Responses to Packing the house up … part two

  1. Clare Wilcox says:

    Ellie, it sounds so exciting! It seems so boring in comparison to have a ‘normal’ job in an office! Where are you heading to in Spain first of all then? happy travels!
    Love Clare (CaF)

  2. Subby says:

    Okay then, Adrian, be sure to journalize everything – no matter how mundane. It will always bring a smile to your face later … good luck!


  3. Tim says:

    “are looking to leave really quite soon now ” – has your game been rumbled?

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