Hello and welcome!

This blog’s going to be about our life on the open road.

Who are we? Adrian and Ellie and a big red campervan.

What are we? We could get metaphysical in answering that one. We could call ourselves travellers. We could just say we’re skiving and running away into the sunset. But we’re definitely not retiring – just taking some time out while we figure out what comes next.

Where are we? We’re on the road. Somewhere. Or will be, soon.

Where are we going? Ask us tomorrow or the next day.

Where have we been, and what have we done? That’s what this blog’s about. It’s going to be a mix of travelogue, the places, the food, the quirks of wherever we are. Probably. It’s going to involve photos, text, art – and whatever else that happens to crop up.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be a lot of fun for us, and we hope you’ll enjoy it, too. 

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5 Responses to Hello and welcome!

  1. Rob Horn says:

    What have you named the campervan? How about Rocinante?

    • AdrianC says:

      No name yet… If we’re going down that line, “Modestine” might be more appropriate – but we’re sure that the van will decide a name for itself once we hit the road. Hopefully, an affectionate and printable one…

      We’ve not been big on naming cars up to now – those which have gained names have been the exception… Hetty, the little ol’ grey 2cv van, came to us complete with name (well, Henrietta, but that just sounded far too posh). Sparky, Ellie’s 2cv, named himself through an incident involving the magic smoke escaping from the ignition switch.

  2. Simon B says:

    Thank goodness I have found your blog. I have been following Dave & Anne-Marie’s blog, and finding much future inspiration, and although still continuing, it is now entering a different phase. I hope you have as much fun as they have had. Good luck, keep us dreaming … one day !

    • AdrianC says:

      Glad to be of service, Simon! You’re more than welcome to tag along for the ride…

      As for fun – I’m sure we will. We sincerely hope we do, too – several people commented over the Easter 2cv camp on how fit, well and happy they both looked.

  3. Michael says:

    I just feel with the 80’s vibe of the van it should be Terry ! Don’t know why- but I look at the van and Terry just screams out at me.

    Sorry I missed you before you left. Will keep tuned in to the blog.

    Am off to the ballet at Covent Garden tomorrow – wil raise a glass to you from the roof terrace in your general southerly direction.

    Michael XXXXX

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