Colourboration – blue scapes

Click to see larger image (1280×963, 780Kb)

I found this Colourboration  theme quite a tricky one and it took a few false starts before I was able to create something I was happy to share, only just making our deadline, but enjoying the challenge.

Here in Croatia, there are the obvious blue things around us at present like the sea and the sky, and then there are the everyday things, our new mousemat from the smart Aqua souvenir chain stores that are in every town, and a tacky towel on a street stall, as well as our guidebook, and road signs. One thing is noticeable though, blue is so often used as a background or backdrop. Even with the sea and sky, which are amazing in themselves of course, one is always looking for something like an island or boat or clouds to make the shot more interesting. The old boat was unusual in being one of the few subjects that were blue in themselves along the Dalmatian coast.

I got more inspired when we reached Zadar (more about this city soon), and saw the Greeting to the Sun installation by Nikola Bašić. This would have fitted the circle theme too – being a circle of flickering lights that becomes a focal point of the city at dusk. Children and adults alike delight in this unique piece. As luck would have it the predominant colour often came up as blue. Finally something a bit more exciting! Since blue is often a backdrop, I placed the images against a sea and skyscape.

In Tunisia, on the other hand, they use a lot of blue paint on their doors and windows in order to ward off evil spirits so I couldn’t resist the opportunity of trawling our massive archive of Tunisian blue images to share some of the photos we took a few months ago.

Click to see larger image (1280×850, 743Kb)

I wonder how Lynne got on with this one?

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3 Responses to Colourboration – blue scapes

  1. Rachel says:

    I love your colourborations. Your use of the sea and sky as a background is rather nice in this one. I really have to thank you for the Tunisia pics, though. I’ve been looking for a motif to decorate our kitchen cupboards (previously wood “effect”, now plain cream) and I think you’ve given me just the thing! The twiddly one, bottom right, is gorgeous but probably too ambitious, but the one below the handle, bottom middle, might be just the thing 🙂

    • EllieGee says:

      Hi Rachel – I’m delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the Colourborations and that I’ve provided some inspiration for your kitchen cupboards – we look forward to seeing them and you some time later in the year maybe!

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