Colourboration – going round in circles

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This time Lynne at Dovegreyreader and I decided on a circles theme for our ‘Colourboration’. I thought I’d be able to spot lots of circle patterns, but it was the individual circles that stood out while we were exploring the small town of Perast near Kotor in Montenegro.  I’m always attracted by doors and their details and the floral motifs inspired me to look at flowers too. The church clock and church window are also from Perast. The saint comes from Ostrog monastery. While thinking about circles I was wondering whether I’d spot a cat asleep in circle formation on my travels. I was delighted when at our campsite in Durmitor National Park, our friendly cat settled on my lap.

I took many more circles photos, and I just couldn’t include them all otherwise this would be a whole blog just about circles. However, I was particularly inspired by the following circles spotted at the abandoned village of Humac on the island of Hvar, Croatia. They evoke a vanished way of life, the remnants of food and drink production from years gone by.  There is a circle in the tale too – so many people have moved to cities supposedly for a better life in all the countries we’ve visited. In the end many of them lose the connection with their origins and seek again the simpler ways of life.

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I wonder what Lynne saw on her travels to Orkney?

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5 Responses to Colourboration – going round in circles

  1. Ellie, the cat is an inspired circle!!
    I am really enjoying doing this, it is making me look at things so much more carefully, and I love your thinking behind the circles too, about the circularity of life and time and perhaps something about what goes around comes around etc.

    • EllieGee says:

      Thanks Lynne. This trip leads me to look at everything in a more heightened way, especially as we are passing through so many places with so many impressions and want to capture as much as possible as we go. 18,000 images so far …

  2. Kate from Cheshire says:

    A lovely post and selection of circles, thank you Ellie – what a treat and an inspiration to find them in my inbox this 16th of June – Bloomsday. I wouldn’t mind a lot more circles and your thoughts behind them too.

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