Catching up

We have been out of access to fully update the blog for a while as you may have noticed. When we have had access it has been unreliable and/or we’ve been too tired to write. So here’s an update of where we’ve been and what we’ve done in the last couple of weeks since we last updated. It’s not been all plain sailing … we’ve had ups and downs. Ups include the amazing Picos de Europa mountains, the cities of Leon, Astorga and Santiago de Compostela and lots of fabulous scenery in between. But some parts of northern Spain have been less than thrilling, especially the coastal bits, and this has been a huge disappointment. Off season and less than perfect weather aside, it has been hard to be a tourist in some places. We look to go off the beaten track and the off-season tourist numbers have been pleasing, but when there isn’t even a layby to park in for a quick picnic lunch and tourist information centres are all closed until July for a whole region it becomes tiring and irritating and has meant us missing places that could have been good to see. It seems that if they want to boost local economies in what is a relatively poor region, then they could do so much more for little outlay.

That gripe is as maybe and we want to ensure the blog is truthful and is representative of our own opinions. We have had some amazing times, which we will outline and illustrate more below, but the main ‘event’ that has marred this part of the trip so far is the ‘night of the squillion flying-biting things’ or ‘the ordeal of being eaten alive in hell’… People who know us well, would say that we are prone to exaggeration on occasion, but I can vouch for the fact that Adrian had somewhere approaching 150 bites on his back, arms and face. I have had fewer, but with more than 20 to my face like raised red blotches – and they’ve been phenomenally itchy – you can understand that we’ve both been less than happy. We’re still here though and have not packed our bags – and we are writing this sitting in a campsite on the beach at the edge of Baiona in Galicia with glasses of wine in hand, free WIFI access and the sun has come out after a very wet day. Things are looking up. The bites are even beginning to itch a bit less.

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3 Responses to Catching up

  1. Simon B says:

    Well at least the weather is no better at home! Just a suggestion ( which you might already know) but when I have been faced with iffy internet access I tend to compose emails etc off-line in Word or even Notepad. Then when you do get a connection you just need to copy and paste it in to the on-line application, saving on-line time, etc

    • AdrianC says:

      Yep, we’ve been doing that – trouble is, by the time we’ve had a connection, there’s so much more to say.

      Well, that and the connections often being at the end of… umm… less-than-thrilling days.

  2. Nada and Mick O'Meara says:

    Re.. the bites… I believe you 😦 Lack of input on here…. I thought the vultures had got you. We had the Insight Guide to Northern Spain for our trip… just got into Portugal… one of the aims was to take the car “back home”. The Guide managed to make areas/places to visit sound fascinating but they weren’t really worth the time, detour or petrol, disappointing…but there were highlights too.:-)
    Keep travelling hopefully… what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that cr**. See you at a wedding, hopefully NOT before.
    And yes the weather is crappola here, the heating is on!!!

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