Many menhirs

We were sad to leave Jono’s idyllic campsite near Nevez, but look forward to catching up with him later in the summer at the World Meeting of 2cv Friends in Salbris, south of Orleans. We have headed a few miles further south to Carnac now, where we’re overnighting in a lovely but breezy campsite. A lovely dinner of herby lemon chicken casserole was conjured up in spite of faulty wiring to our water pump for our onboard tap and finding out that the mains hook up needed a prod during cooking.

The Carnac area hosts several thousand standing stones, or menhirs in Breton, and all in alignment. Quite a sight to take in and we enjoyed the cider icecream half way through the walk at the Kermario section. Like Stonehenge you can’t walk in amongst the stones anymore but must stay behind the fence but inspite of this, the sheer volume and area they encompass is awe-inspiring. You can get a feel of this from our new header image.

After we arrived at our campsite Adrian cycled into the nearby town of Trinite sur Mer to hit a cash point. He was back so quickly with great reports of the harbour and marinas there, we headed out immediately again on bikes so I could see it too. Huge flash racing catamarans sat cheek by jowl with ancient fishing vessels. A marina rammed to the gills with small and large boats of all sorts – a mass of masts. All fab in the early evening light.

As I’m sitting here outside with wireless access from our pitch, the weather looks to be changing – it has been fine and sunny most of the time up to now, but the clouds are looking a bit more set in. Feels weird to be blogging in the open air. We’ll see what tomorrow brings – the forecast is positive. We’ll be moving on round the Golfe de Morbihan towards Vannes at the end of our first week away.

It is beginning to sink in now that this isn’t just a week away … but a whole new lifestyle and life choice. We have no house or jobs to immediately go back to – scary? Yes. But exciting too. We’re still very much learning the ropes of this kind of travelling and of using our van… but it’s all very much about the journey and not the destination. After all we have no destination but the open road…

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1 Response to Many menhirs

  1. Barry M says:

    Many Menhirs…..brought me many memories…..of Janet , me and 18 month old baby Paul ( now 41 ! ) setting off in a Mk 3 Cortina ( should have kept the Mk 2 ) and motoring through France to a camp site at La Baule . Some not inconsiderable hours after arriving I had managed to win the battle with the borrowed frame tent and we started what turned out to be a lovely holiday in a lovely area…….but hasten to add that it was our first and last camping holiday……the tent won the war.
    So keep up the great blog and hopefully you guys will trigger off some more of two oldies happy memories…..after all , why should you have all the fun

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